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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Eight random facts about me...

My friend Diane at Thriving and Transcribing tagged me on this meme to share eight random facts about myself. It wasn't easy and I kept editing. This is the thoroughly tame version.

Loving a man that doesn’t want to make me fit into a box has made me free.
My daughter, Hillarey, makes me say “Wow” more than she knows.
I’m planning a solo pilgrimage to Taos in October, to buy yarn.
Shopping for clothes makes me miserable.
I’m a writer and book reviewer for The Beltane Papers.
Someday I’d like to spend an entire year living at the farm, using electricity only for water and a radio.
In 2001 I drove over 900 miles to see the Celtic rock band Seven Nations.
My only goal in life is to be a good person. Some days are harder than others.

Maybe I’ll do this exercise in my journal with -
eight things that I keep secret
eight things that few people know about me
eight things that make me cry
eight things that make me happy
eight things that piss me off

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Blogger Diane said...

Hey Denise!

Why stop at eight? ;)

Cool facts!


8:09 PM  

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