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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Heading West

Last week I booked reservations at the Abominable Snowmansion in Taos. In October. During The Taos Wool Festival!

I'll be going solo and am excited about the trip - the journey and the destination! I'll camp the first night on the road, and the last night on my way home.

Honestly, I'm not certain what to expect. Wall to wall sheep, fleeces, and yarn? Knitters as far as the eye can see?

Ohhh the thrill of it all!

Yesterday at the farmer's market I bought a nice skein of llama yarn to start a pair of socks for the kiddo's giftmas. Maybe it'll be my traveling socks for our vacation. We'll be heading out on the tandem in November. Pedalling for four weeks, from Muscatine, Iowa to Baton Rouge, LA. I can't imagine four weeks without knitting. Socks seem like the best choice.
I'll add a photo of the llama yarn tomorrow.

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