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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Progress - of a sort

At the terribly-sad-excuse-of-a-local-fiber-fest held in Kelleyville I managed to purchase some wondeful sock yarn in a dark colorway with navy, plumb, and gray merino from The Fiber Lady. It's a fine smooth yarn with a bit of bamboo. Because the skeins are quite light, I decided to go toe up.
Toe Up - finally I'm a fan of this crazy risky adventure. Sure it's the way to make sure you have enough yarn but most of the patterns I've attempted were brutal and ended up stabbed with pointy sticks while foul words were uttered. BUT! The in the Summer 07 IK Ann Budd takes pity and really breaks it down for us. The Eastern Cast On is a bit like holding chopsticks. If you're a sushi fan this will be a slick and easy maneuver to learn.
The first section of the heel is worry free. The second section of Ann's heel seemed a bit cumbersome to me, I adapted my standard decreasing from ankle down socks. Works like a charm!
These socks are my portable project. I was afraid I'd forget the zippy heel instructions so I transcribed them onto a 3x5 index card to carry in the baggy of yarn which I keep tucked in a back pocket of my messenger bag purse.

I'm also working on the Notre Dame sweater from the same issue of IK. I love this sweater. The yarn is organic wool from Full Belly Farm. The first few yarns were a trade for some simple sewing. Then I bought enough to complete the sweater from Full Belly. The back is done, and the front is almost to the point of beginning the placket at the neck. I've asked Hillarey to make a fun button. Maybe this weekend I'll get the placket and collar completed - okay maybe not - but I'm hopeful.

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