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Sunday, October 29, 2006

You know you're loved when....

Your boyfriend asks if you want a cup of cocoa. When the teakettle whistles you finish the stitches on the sock needle before going into the kitchen. He hands you a cup he just finished stirring. You look into the cup and he’s already added the nutmeg. This, my friends, is love.

OTN - or not as the case may be

For my daughter’s Giftmas gift, the embroidered stockings in Vogue. Third attempt, frogged twice. The toe up pattern has a frustrating fitted foot so I rewrote it top to toe. The top had an awkward fit so I rewrote it with less “waviness” and am 2/3 finished with a sock that fits wonderful. Finally!

Not –OTN
Per request, the hoodie for my daughter – again scheduled for Giftmas. The first attempt at the Rogue – frogged. The hand spun, hand dyed yarn didn’t show the cables very well. She and I decided a simple non-cabled hoodie would be better. Still, I need more skeins. Although the spinner said, "call me if you need more". She’s not responding to email or phone. (Yes, I knew better.) This week we buy new yarn. I’m still holding out hope that I’ll have it finished by mid-December. (Don’t pop my bubble.)