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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Combatting an old adage of excessive consumerism

I no longer believe in the old saying that the one who dies with the most wins. Really - I don't.
Long ago I uttered these words to my sister - and now cringe when she repeats it.

At time I've looked at my stash in frustration. And really it's not much in the way of "STASH". In my purse I've have carried an index card around for months now that has 12 inch fringes of yarn that I'm trying to match for a fair isle sweater in fingering weight.

I don't need to die with the most.

What I would like is to knit with beautiful yarn. And make beautiful, well fitted garments for myself and those I love. That implies - to me at least - less stash - more FO's.

Well - that's the crux of the whole knitting experience now isn't it?

Having said that.....
I bought yarn yesterday while Sis and I were at Gourmet Yarn . The new Best of Interweave has several garments that called my name but I chose only one in keeping with my new goals of less stash, more FO's. The Marcel's Sweater by Veronik Avery is my first new project of the year. The yarn is Berraco Ultra Alpaca in DK weight, colorway Salt & Pepper.

First thing is to learn a new cast on. The Tubular Cast On.

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