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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Knitter's Nightmare

I woke this morning with the shakes.

In my dreamworld I'd opened the front door to a blinding light and three uniformed police offers. After groaning and requesting a few minutes to gather a bag of essentials to take with me to jail they kindly said they'd wait for me at the patrol car. The blinding light was turned off and I closed the door.

After grabbing a tote bag, Chris helped me gather my favorite Levi's, my ditty bag of meds, comb and contact solution, my most often worn sweater, all of my wool socks, six pairs of panties and my journal. We went downstairs and I pulled a big thick book from the shelf and turned to the couch where my knitting bag sat.

That's when I screamed!

Oh CRAP! They're not going to let me take my knitting needles to jail!!!

Now I don't think I'm in any danger of jail but I have a good idea of what Knitter's Hell is now and it gives me the shudders.

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