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Monday, November 26, 2007

FO - not to be confused with an offensive gesture

We finished our bike tour the week before Thanksgiving. I'd taken one project with me. There isn't much room when all of your belongings for two plus weeks must fit in one medium size pannier. Normally I chose socks for travel knitting but on the needles was a second sock and it was more than halfway finished at that.

I'd bought some Malabrigo Baby Lace, colorway Olive, at Taos Sunflower with the thought of a simple shawl from the Morehouse Merino Book. Short story - it is a great travel project. Two skeins and the circular needle takes up very little room. The project isn't especially fast since you end up with oodles (185) stitches on the needle at the widest part. It's very simple though and no instructions need to be carried. By the end of the two weeks I'd gotten to the halfway point with my sporadic motel room knitting which was balanced with reading and journaling in the evenings.

As soon as we got back home though I blazed through the last gift sock on the needle, then picked up Christopher's navy blue pullover sweater. It too was almost finished. The body was complete, one sleeve finished and the other 2/3 done. All stockinette. Sometimes it's damn hard to find the umph to tackle that last little bit. But I gave myself a stern talking to. No more knitting for myself until all of the knitting for others was complete.

Within four days after our vacation ended I had two FO's! Chris's sweater fits great and I think he'll actually wear it! I slapped myself on the back and ate a piece of chocolate.

One more item on the list for holiday giving, a hat for Chris's dad. I fussed around with several choices of yarn and decided on a nice brown and gray Superyak from Karabella, colorway 61444. It's coming along well. I've got a three inch rib foldover and have started in stockinette now, which will go really fast.

Then....I can get back to my shawl and even my sweater. It's the Notre Dame de Grace pattern from IK using the brown/gray organic wool from Full Belly Farm.

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