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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Red Tail Hawk

Last night my sister came over. After dinner we fondled the yarn.

I hadn't had a chance to show her all the goodies from Taos yet. Now I know most knitters enjoy perusing the stash and fondling the softness within but does it always result in the urge to cast on something new? I've slapped my own hands again because I've got to finish one more gift before I can begin anything else. The hat that I'm knitting should be done fairly fast. So to compensate myself for such strength and self denial I decided to just photograph the temptation. And maybe it'll just snuggle up in my knitting tote beside the olive shawl.
The colorway is Red Tail Hawk from the Barefoot collection at Mountain Colors.
Beautiful huh? I bought one 100 gram skein, which is usually enough for a pair of socks (I have small feet!). But this morning I had the bright idea of gloves and short socks. The colors are just so rich they deserve to be seen.

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