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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Year End Knitting

The Notre Dame de Grace by Veronik Avery from the Summer 2007 IK is almost complete.  The body, which was originally about 1 1/2 inches too short, has dried on the rack and is a good length.  The sleeves are knitted and ready to attach.  Maybe later today I'll accomplish that final task.  
The yarn is an organic wool from Full Belly Farm.  It is a nice gray/brown color that while it doesn't scream "look at me!" does provide a comforting casual look.  
I am greatly impressed with Avery's design.   It is one of the very few patterns that I've knit without changing a thing and without finding a single error.  Yesterday I went searching through back issues of IK for other sweaters by the same designer.  And yes, the next sweater will be another Avery offering - but with one change.  For now though I'm anxious to finish the Notre Dame.  
Here is a nice photo.

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Mending the Tattered Web of my Heart the World

by Jane Mara 2006
from the 2008 We’Moon Datebook

I am mending
the tattered web of my heart, the world,
with plush emerald yarn
of compassion and generosity.
I darn holes torn by blame and judgement
with soft and sturdy strands
of kindness and understanding.

May I repair jagged rips
torn by despair and grief
with braided grasses of gratitude
and deep purple reeds of acceptance
of things as they are.

And where anger and fear
burned gaping holes,
may I reweave
with golden threads of forgiveness,
gleaming copper cords of courage,
and strong silver strands of trust
in the mysterious and holy unfolding
of what is greater than I can know.

To strengthen
this web of my heart, the world,
I send out these healing threads,
to anyone who needs them,
anyone at all
in this whole world.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Pre-coffee ideas

The following organizations should exist...

The Society for Promotion of Good Wool

The Society for Outlawing Acrylic

Saturday, December 01, 2007

It's like a Booty Call...

I'm calling it a Knitty Call.

It's a yarn not like anything you're normally attracted to. It's a bit wild. It's funky. You've only got about 100 yards. Something fast and easy is required. You laugh a bit naughtily as you turn your back on those things that are waiting for you.

In an afternoon spent in front of the fire you get creative. A third of the way through you know it's a mistake. But you keep going. It's there - you can finish it today. It won't be carried over to tomorrow. It's just a day of knitting. It's just a scarf. Not real commitment. Nothing like a sweater in fingering llama or a lace shawl. All the knitting for other people is done already. This is just a bit of indulgence.

You finish and toss it over your shoulder as you head out for pizza. It's not that cold so you leave it on the car seat. As you finish your beer you're already regretting the energy wasted. It wasn't satisfying. It meant nothing. You know you're better than that.

The first thing you do when you get home is snip the edge of the scarf and thread the end through the loop of the ball winder. As you turn the handle the entire experience is unraveled. It's over. Nothing remains.

You vow never to do that again.

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